Authenticity Guarantee

We know that verifying authenticity is a must for high-end footwear. When renting from Infinite Selection, you can feel 100% confident that the sneakers you receive are the real thing. Infinite Selection has developed a thorough authentication process to eliminate the possibility of you ever receiving fake sneakers from us.


Here’s how we crack down on the fakes: 

Purchasing– All of our sneakers are only initially purchased from legitimate retailers such as Footlocker, StockX, and Finish Line, who have their own verification processes and trusted distributors in place already.     

Authentication– Even though we only buy from trusted retailers, we conduct our own in-depth review of every sneaker to confirm its authenticity before sending them to you. We are experts in identifying if sneakers are legit or not—down to the packaging it comes in. We check every sneaker’s construction detail, material, size, and colorway. Through this method, we ensure that every sneaker we send to you is authentic and you never have to worry about fake sneakers ruining your flex.

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