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How It Works

Choose the Perfect Pair and Rental Length


Browse our growing collection of sneakers and pick the pair that is perfect for what you need. Our rentals last either 4 or 8 days. Book rentals days or months in advance to suit all your sneaker needs.

We Ship. You Enjoy!


1-2 days before your rental start date, we pack and ship the sneakers to you. You will receive tracking information after your order has been shipped. Your order will arrive at your door on your rental start date. Enjoy the sneakers for the length of your rental.

Return and Repeat


Simply return the sneakers to us at a USPS on your rental end date (before 12 p.m.) using the provided pre-paid return label. Then, order your next pair!

Two Ways To Rent

One-Time Rentals Unlimited Rentals
Perfect For Events Sneakerheads
Pairs At Home One One
Swaps None Four A Month
Selection Restricted Unrestricted

Starting At $30/Rental

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Perks Of Unlimited

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  • Rent Sneaker On Rotation
  • Rent Any Pair For Free
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Insurance
  • Free Cleaning

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